"Our LIFEGroup began September of 2015.  We are a small group but have become very close in a short amount of time.  We simply all choose to take the time each week to make it a priority to set aside our Thursday evening to do Life together.  We only know each because of our Life Group, but we now share so much because of our LIFEgroup.  What we have experienced is growth through trials, amazing answers to prayer, sweet fellowship, lots of laughter, divinely orchestrated melting of our hearts and lives through prayer and tears and love.  We all know it is not by chance that we happened to all be together weekly we have confirmation of our need for one another in our lives to lift up, to encourage, to strengthen, to learn with, to pray with, to rejoice with.  We are all different but we have such interesting similarities.  We are made up of blended families, and single's.  We are passionate about GREAT God centered, strong, fun marriages! Our group is open to ALL,  and we are about to expand by God's Amazing Grace!!  Our Great and Glorious God clearly loves his children gathering in small groups/LIFEgroups because His Sweet Presence is in our midst, dwelling mightily as we gather in His Name.  We are in Awe of what God has done in our LIFEgroup and we are so excited for the things still to come!"



"We love LIFEGroup and have developed some amazing relationships over the last few years.  When we were asked to start leading a LifeGroup, we were excited and terrified all at the same time.  We knew God was calling us to serve and love on others as much as possible so we humbly choose to take on this new adventure.  We opened our home and hearts and relied on God to do the rest.  As a new lifegroup leader we have to trust the Holy Spirit to lead our group and challenge each of our hearts.  It has been such a blessing to meet each week because God uses the people in our group to teach each other.  We are all real with each other and love sharing what God is doing in our lives.  We have seen amazing growth and development in our group over the last few months and know God will continue to grow us together and closer to him.  We are a family!  It has been a complete joy for us to have our Movement family over each week and are blessed by our studies!