Working Projects for the Church: Helping improve the church facility with various construction, cleaning and painting projects. At this time we are assisting in building the new home of Gracia del Calvario.

House Build: Since there is much poverty in this area of Mexico, there is a great need for for basic necessities including shelter. We have built one home in the community of Antorchista(part of Vista del Valle), which was recently affected by fires. We are hoping to be able to build more homes in the future. 

Prayer and Visitation Outreach: We visit the church community at their homes, usually bringing "Despensas"(Basic Groceries) with us. We pray with the people of the home and share the love of God. Often times we are the ones that are blessed by these visits, and we feel this is the highlight of each trip.

Church/Community Outreach: Depending on what we have planned for the trip some of the events that we do to reach out to the community are the following; Movie Nights, Breakfast or Lunch(feeding up to 200 people), Easter Events, Cleaning up the Community Park.

Children Activities: We strive to do an event at every trip for the children of the church and the orphanage. These events have included, face painting, water balloon fights, water park visit, jumpers, arts and crafts and lots of SOCCER!

MovementPaws: We try not to forget all of Gods creatures, we take dog treats to street dogs.