MSM is a spiritual development program committed to seeing people walk into the fullness of their identity as Sons and Daughters of a living God, become equipped with the supernatural power of God and released to the platforms the Lord is calling them into.

Our Mission

  MSM exists to see a generation rise up that understands, receives and overflows with the true and perfect love of God, and walks in the   power of The Holy Spirit ministering in every arena they enter. 


Our Strategy

MSM emphasizes the Presence of God and a 3-part learning structure where students will Know and Understand, Receive and Become, to then Move and Release what they've learned. 

Know and Understand Colossians 3:1-3: Where Identity is learned 

Through Biblical Studies courses from Logos University and daily teachings from leaders within our church family, students will be lead to the Word to be exposed to who God is, who God says we are, and how understanding the identity of God and man transforms daily life. Sitting under the teaching and testimony of these leaders students learn Biblical foundations to their faith and what it looks like to walk out those truths.

Receive and Become Ephesians 4:22-24: Where Identity ignites transformation

We believe that the Presence of God is transformative, therefore, each week students spend a minimum of 10 hours in worship, devotionals, small group and one-on-one discipleship where the focus is to learn to hear the voice of God, know His heart and presence, and press in to be more like Christ everyday. This is where students learn to take the head knowledge they’ve gained and expose their heart to The Father so that He may shape and transform their lives.

Move and Release Matthew 28:16-20: Where transformation is walked out

Weekly, students participate in internships within various ministries to learn the behind-the-scenes work of the local church developing administrative, technology and leadership skills, as well as, developing their servant hearts. Students also serve weekly in the community through local outreach to learn practical ways to minister to non-believers and serve our city. MSM students go on two international missions trips yearly, Mexico and Africa. During these trips, students learn how to minister cross-culturally; developing an understanding of believers’ lives around the world and how to practically walk with the power of The Holy Spirit to encourage and evangelize worldwide.

MSM Program Objectives: Identity and Purpose


Each MSM student will…

  • Know and walk in the fullness of your identity in Christ

  • Grow in intimacy with The Father daily encountering His transforming love

  • Learn to study the word of God receiving personal revelation and intimacy

  • Learn to see and live from a perspective of Heaven to reach natural and spiritual needs in your life and the lives of those around you

  • Live a laid-down life walking with a servant's heart to serve with love, presence and power 

  • Learn to live as salt and light, overflowing with the presence of God, sharing the gospel and personal testimony by word and action everywhere you go

  • Learn to walk with sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, responding to God's words at all moments

  • Walk out released, equipped and commissioned to the platform the Lord has called