Thank you for investing in The Movement School of Ministry! This year could not happen without your involvement and support of your student. I’m confident in the midst of pouring into a students life, the Lord has amazing plans for you and your family through the process.

As a spiritual development program, MSM, is committed to seeing people walk into the fullness of their identity as Sons and Daughters of a living God, become equipped with the supernatural power of God and released to the platforms the Lord is calling them into. Our desire is throughout this year each student will Know and Understand the love of God, Receive and Become the fullness of your identity in Christ, to then Move and Release all you have been given in Christ Jesus.

Our program is designed to see students reach the end of themselves, walk into healing and wholeness, find God in powerful ways, and grow in intimacy along the way; your daily role is key for this process. Our investment is in the students but we all get blessed along the journey. We pray as you lead and disciple your student, God would draw you deeper, challenge you daily, and encounter you in powerful ways each and every day. 

Thank you again for your investment in MSM and in your students life. I cannot wait to see the testimonies and transformation that will come from this year. 

Please read through the rest of the handbook and begin to pray for your student, contact the MSM staff with any questions or prayer needs.

I look forward to journeying through this year with you.


MSM Director 




MSM is a spiritual development program committed to seeing people walk into the fullness of their identity as Sons and Daughters of a living God, become equipped with the supernatural power of God and released to the platforms the Lord is calling them into.

Our vision is to seegenerations rise up who understands, receives and overflows with the true and perfect love of God, and walks in the power of The Holy Spirit ministering in every arena they enter

MSM emphasizes the Presence of God and a 3-part learning structure where students will Know and Understand, Receive and Become, to then Move and Release what they’ve learned.


Know and Understand Colossians 3:1-3: Where Identity is learned  

Through Biblical Studies courses at the Movement Degree Program and daily instruction from pastors and leaders within our church family and community, students will be directed to the Word to learn and understand their kingdom identity, God’s character and nature, principles of discipleship and leadership, and practical ways of ministering.


Receive and Become Ephesians 4:22-24: Where Identity ignites transformation

Through extended times of worship, devotionals, and individual discipleship, students spend hours immersed and focused on the pursuit of the transformative presence of God. Students learn to allow revelation and knowledge to soak into their hearts to ignite transformation to all areas of life.


Move and Release Matthew 28:16-20: Where transformation is walked out  

Through service, church internship, outreach, and international missions, students learn to take the overflow of transformation and the power of Holy Spirit to become the hands and feet of Jesus. During the processes students learn job skills, develop individual gifts and talents, and grow in confidence to minister in a variety of environments. 



Students embark into a year immersed in the presence of God pursuing intimacy and wholeness. Weekly, students are exposed to atmospheres of encounter through worship, study, reading, and teaching. Students step away from the everyday hinderances to pursue full immersion in the life of Jesus and our call to live set apart and holy lives.

  • Know and walk in the fullness of your identity in Christ
  • Grow in intimacy with The Father daily encountering His transforming love
  • Learn to study the word of God receiving personal revelation and intimacy
  • Learn to see and live from a perspective of Heaven to see God fulfill natural and spiritual needs 
  • Live a laid-down life walking with a servant's heart to serve with love, presence and power 
  • Learn to live as salt and light, overflowing with the presence of God, and sharing the gospel and personal testimony by word and action everywhere you go
  • Learn to walk with sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, responding to God's voice at all moments
  • Walk out confident of personal identity and assurance of sonship 



Students continue in their pursuit of personal identity and growth while taking ownership of the process. They move into becoming fully devoted disciples of Christ. Students begin to take on larger roles in internship and leadership while receiving more personalized discipleship in their unique gifts and callings.

  • Take transformation and intimacy to move into living in overflow 
  • Take ownership of your personal walk and growth 
  • Learn to live and model a supernaturally natural lifestyle 
  • Continue growing in your identity as a disciple of Jesus Christ fully equipped for life and ministry 
  • Continue identifying and growing in personal gifts, talents and callings 
  • Learning how to lead from a place of anointing 
  • Deepen your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, responding to God’s voice and walking in abandoned obedience
  • Develop leadership, life and job skills through focused time in one area of ministry 
  • Walk out understanding what it means to live as a fully devoted disciple equipped to make disciples 



Students move into full-time ministry internships while taking full ownership of their relationship with God. They work closely with a staff member to assist in running ministries, leading teams, developing programs, and creating disciples. Students also focus on the completion of their Bachelors of Arts in Applied Theology.

  • Take full ownership of personal walk and growth with God
  • Live a life of overflow
  • Learn to manage life, education and ministry while maintaining a strong and developing relationship with God
  • Deepen your understanding of living as a disciple and making disciples
  • Live and model a supernaturally natural lifestyle 
  • Confidently minister from anointing in and out of church context 
  • Continue developing leadership, life and job skills through oversight and leadership opportunities in a specific area of ministry
  • Walk out equipped for release into the platform to which The Lord has called you into 



Passport : Students take two international trips during their time in MSM, both require a passport, not just an international I.D. card. Passports must be valid through January 2019 with two free pages available. 

Computer/ tablet: Students use these devices for academic assignments, research, and internship activities. Devices will need access to Microsoft Word, Excel, and the Internet.

Car/ car insurance: Students are required to have reliable transportation to and from MSM activities. Students must maintain registration and insurance. If students will be driving for any MSM programing releases must be signed prior to the event. 

Health insurance: Students are responsible for their own health insurance and are required to have insurance during MSM. Please notify MSM staff of any medical problems or chronic conditions. 



Students participate in the Movement Degree Program. All students enroll and are required to submit all necessary paperwork. The application fee is included in MSM tuition, however, students are responsible for all other expenses, including transcript and testing. MSM staff will provide instructions and assistance in this enrollment process.




Each student is placed with a Host Family during the MSM year. These Host Families are members of our church, have committed to the guidelines and requirements of Host Homes and are devoted to providing a safe and caring environment for our students. Host Homes provide room and board, oversight and care, and discipleship. They are not compensated, but do this as an offering to the Lord.

Each housing situation is unique and offers its own blessings and challenges. Some students will have a private bed and bath while others will share space with family members. Prayerful consideration is used in the placement of each student to ensure they’re placed in the best environment for their needs.

Host Families are a huge blessing to students, MSM, and our church and the students become a blessing back to the Host Families. Students aren’t guests in the home, but are apart of the family and participate in all aspects of home life, including family gatherings and chores. While being involved in your Host Families life is important, we also encourage you to stay connected with your families throughout the year. 



Each student receives a mentor at the start of the program. Mentors have been playfully chosen and paired with each student. Mentors are in place to be a safe place for students to share, process, remain accountable, and learn. Mentor meetings occur weekly, are considered apart of students weekly schedule, and should be scheduled outside normal MSM hours, Fridays, or Saturdays.



MSM is a fast-paced, rigorous, program and we believe students will get out of MSM what they put in; this also applies to off hours and weekends. By giving God the year, He gets everyday, even days leadership hasn't structured and planned. Rest, fun, exercise, and sleep are all key ingredients to a successful year. Students are responsible for managing their weeks and commitments outside of required MSM events.

Each week is full of outside opportunities to serve and learn in our church family and in the community, but we ask students to ensure they’re taking care of their commitments before filling their schedule with extra curricular activities. MSM leadership will keep students up to date on any changes to schedules and extra events.

Generally, student hours are Sunday 7-1, Monday-Thursday 8-5, and Logos classes Tuesday nights 630-9. Occasionally, students will have activities fall outside typical hours. Any outside event will go into the MSM Google Calendar and sent out in the weekly emails. 


All students, Home homes, and Mentors will have access to the website calendar. All important dates will be posted and available throughout the year. In addition, the MSM Director will send out monthly reminders through email with important information and dates.  



We believe every Christian is called to live a life above reproach to better be a minister of the gospel. Therefore, we ask all MSM students to abstain from all immoral, illegal and unethical activities for the duration of MSM; this includes all vacations, weekends, and other off days. As a believer you’re a representation of Jesus to the world and by enrolling in MSM you become a leader in our church; both call students to a higher standard of holiness and accountability.



Students are not required to be single during their year in MSM. If a student isn't in a committed relationship prior to entering into MSM, we ask students to not pursue romantic relationships. If students are in a committed relationship, prior to entering into MSM, we ask each student to evaluate and pray over their relationship's health and to create healthy boundaries. Our heart is for each student to place priority and focus on all God is calling them into. Relationship require a large amount of time and emotional investment; during MSM we encourage students to make their relationship with the Lord, Host Homes, Mentors, and fellow students their focus. MSM leadership is available to help students walk through this process. 



We ask students to arrive on time or early to all MSM events, complete assignments on time, and keep their commitments. Arriving on time shows respect and value to the program, leadership, and other students in MSM. 

If there’s an emergency, students should contact the MSM Director as well as any others who may be affected be their tardiness or absence as soon as possible- Host Families, teachers, ministry leaders, mentors, etc. 

Non-emergent appointments and errands should be scheduled during off-hours and weekends. Planned absences extending 24 hours should be cleared through the MSM Director in advance. We ask you to plan family trips on assigned vacations; all planned vacations are listed under the MSM Yearly Schedule and will also be shared through Google Calendar. 

Absence policy: Students can miss up to 40 hours of mandatory MSM events without having to make up missed hours. If students go over 40 hours of absence they will be required to make up hour for hour the activities they’ve missed. Students may only make up 40 hours. Students who miss beyond the 40 free hours and the 40 make up hours will be under review for dismissal from MSM.   



We ask students to remain aware and sensitive to the work environment while on campus. At anytime during the day there may be other groups meeting, sensitive/confidential phone calls, leadership at work, etc. Students work with and among our staff each day but we ask students to stay focused on their tasks and to keep interruptions to a minimum. We value our students having access to the entire staff; students may plan meetings, with any staff member, in advance and during MSM off hours.We also ask students to limit their phone use, during MSM activities, to stay engaged and focused to get the most out of the activities.



Sunday- Thursday nights curfew is 10:30pm, Friday-Saturday nights curfew is 11:30pm. Curfews are in place to help students manage priorities of Host Family relationships, homework, rest, and respecting the home they live. Adjustments to curfew should be cleared in advance and should be exceptions not a normal occurrence. In the case of an emergency, contact Host Families as soon as possible to let them know the situation and when they should expect you home. 



All students provide their own transportation, car expenses/repairs, and insurance for the duration of the MSM program. Students are expected to follow all laws when driving. Waivers will be required if you will be driving other students to outreaches, retreats, or other off-site meetings. 



Students are free to spend off hours as they please, we do have a few suggestions to help support your journey through the year. Taking care of your body is very important; exercise, rest, and fun are essential for whole body health and we encourage students to manage their weeks to incorporate each area.What we consume influences our hearts and spirits, therefore, we ask students to use sound judgment and spiritual maturity in all media and entertainment areas.



  • Living with a Host Family is an honor and privilege
  • Be a blessing to their Host Families
  • Be flexible and teachable at all times
  • Communicate schedules, needs, problems, etc.
  • Maintain living areas with excellence 
  • Participate in house chores, about 2-3 hours each week
  • Be in relationship with the family not treating the home as a hotel
  • Uphold the unique standards set in place by Host Families 

General Guidelines:

  • Required to move into their Host Homes during the designated dates
  • Remain sensitive and considerate to how the Host Family operates remaining flexible and teachable
  • Dress modestly when in public areas of the home
  • Mindful of turning off lights/televisions and locking doors
  • Have approval, in advance, for house guests, overnighters, and spending the night outside of the home
  • Maintenance of vehicles, students are responsible for repairs and gas
  • Communicate about activities and events outside of typical MSM schedule
  • Attend weekly family dinners with Host HomesTime Guidelines:
  • Abide by curfews, Sunday-Thursday 10:30pm, Friday-Saturday 11:30pm. Adjusted curfews time should be rare and need to be approved at least 24 hours in advance
  • Communicate with your Host Home when you will be home and meals you’ll be home
  • Weekly commitment to family time. We ask you to participate in one family dinner each week

Home Guidelines:

  • Have sensitivity to volume while others are asleep in the home, this includes music, TV, kitchen, and leaving/arriving home
  • Remain sensitive to communally used items, cleaning up after cooking/eating, use of TV, keeping personal items in your room, etc. 
  • Discuss kitchen etiquette with your Host Home. You’ll follow their house rules for meals and snacks
  • Participate in chores around the home, taking care of assigned chores or helping during family cleaning times
  • Maintenance of your living areas and laundry 



The fall mission is a weekend trip with our Mexico Missions Team. This trip is a one-night trip to the outskirts of Tijuana where we will minister with local pastors and the community they’re working to reach. Our team will participate in community building projects and door-to-door ministry.  The cost for this trip is included in student tuition.

For the spring mission trip we partner with Iris Global Ministries at their bases world-wide. This trip involves a lot of preparation financially, emotionally and spiritually. Students will begin fundraising for this trip in the first semester of MSM. Financial deadlines will be given along the way to ensure each student is fully funded in time for the purchase of flights and other large expenses.  Vaccinations and malaria medication are required to go on this mission trip. Students are responsible for acquiring all vaccinations and medications on their own time.



Should an injury occur on church grounds or while traveling to and from a scheduled MSM event students are covered by general church liability. It is recommended for students to have an emergency plan, with finances set aside, for any unexpected illnesses or injuries. All non-emergent appointments should be scheduled during student’s free time. 

Students are responsible for all required vaccinations and medications for mission trip destinations. A list of required and recommended vaccinations will be provided. 



Our goal is for students to complete their MSM year with excellence and victory. Students who habitually violate MSM guidelines, or the violation was significant, will be considered for dismissal from MSM. Students will receive written notice of suspensions, academic probation, and potential dismissal from MSM. Dismissal is a last resort and can result in the loss of tuition. Refer to “Finances” for tuition information. 



In compliance with federal state regulations, The Movement School of Ministry admits students of any race, gender, color, national and ethnic origin, disability, status as a veteran or any other characteristic protected by law to all rights, privileges and activities to students at MSM. 




Our Mentors are an incredible blessing to the students, the program and theMovement. They provide students with accountability, encouragement, safety, direction, wisdom, and spiritual growth. The heart is for students to find a safe and vulnerable place with their mentors to process throughout the year. 


Mentoring an MSM student is a huge commitment. You’re taking on a spiritual son or daughter with the following expectations:

1. Mentors connect with their students once a week

Making weekly connections allows for consistency and room for the relationship to deepen quickly and become powerful in the students growth. Some weeks might be busy to schedule a face to face meeting. For those weeks, call and text check-ins are great as well. The goal is to, weekly, be in contact with your student for prayer, encouragement, and availability for what they’re in need of each week. We recommend finding a time each week that works with both your schedules and sticking to that time throughout the year.

2. Mentors point students back to Jesus

Mentors are vital for growth in each of our lives but we must maintain our reliance and connection with God first. We pray students would first turn to God, letting Him speak into their circumstances before mentors and friends. As mentors its a great idea to ask what they feel God is saying about each area and let God be the one to put the pieces together for them. 

3. Mentors commit to the discipleship of a student

Mentors play a key role in students’ discipleship. We ask all your leading with the students be done in love and with sensitivity to Holy Spirit as each day requires something new to see the student succeed. Seeking the Lord through each step helps mentors know what the student needs; some days may require tough love and others grace and mercy.  

MSM is designed for students to reach the end of themselves, to then, let God do a great work in their hearts and lives. The process to this point isn’t always easy or pretty. We ask you to remain patient with the process, operate in love, stay persistent with the standards of MSM, and remain committed to your student while praying and encouraging along the way. We encounter ups and downs in this process but with committed support around each student we see them arrive at the end of the program stronger and healthier. 

4. Mentors work alongside MSM staff

The discipleship of each student is a commitment of the whole church. The Movement staff, mentors, host homes, and congregation work together to impact the lives of each student and our goal is to have open communication. Matters appearing small could be the key to unlock growth in the students; therefore, we encourage Mentors to share about conflicts, challenges they observe in their student, and any details they feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to communicate. 



Monthly, the MSM Director will connect with Mentors to see how your relationship with your student is going. Our heart is to support you in the mentorship and discipleship of your student. This is the time to share wins and challenges you’ve experienced with your student, talk through strategies to encourage students to progress in their growth, and spend time in prayer. While we intentionally check in monthly, MSM Staff is always available to support in any way we can throughout the year, never hesitate to call or email with any questions, conflicts or praise reports throughout the program. 



During the course of the year Mentors attend three informational gatherings where we check in, share wins and challenges, and share program information for the next season. Mentors are also invited to attend the MSM Graduation at the end of the year.


  • Orientation August 26th, 2017 
  • Winter Meeting January 14th 2018
  • Spring Meeting April 8th 2018 
  • MSM Graduation June 24th 2018



Most Mentors are paired students they’ve not yet had relationship. We encourage you, whether you’ve known them prior or not, to start with relationship. Get to know each others hearts, share stories, do something fun, and invite your student to spend time with your family to allow them to get comfortable and build trust. Let The Spirit lead you into deeper conversation. Not each student will openly share, we encourage mentors to listen to The Spirit, and ask questions, to help bring about healthy and deep conversation. Your time together isn’t just about the student. You’ve been paired with your student because we see the value of them learning from your life experience and story. The good, bad, and challenging of your testimony and daily walk become real life examples of all they’re learning in MSM. 

We also encourage setting a time each week to meet. Consistency will help you avoid missing each other forseveral weeks while trying to find “a good time to get together”. Remember that as a mentor you can initiate and even lead the relationship in the beginning. As time goes on, let the students take the reigns of knowing what they need to process and work through. Throughout the year remember to remain patient, persistent, rooted in love, and sensitive to what The Spirit is leading. 



1.      Set your schedule to meet then cancel if needed

2.      An encouraging text goes a long way

3.      Be open and share your life with them, you’ll be surprised how much you will learn from them

4.      Let it be organic, don’t pressure deep conversation until you feel your student feels safe

5.      Ask lots of questions

What has been the greatest blessing of being a Mentor?

1.    Seeing God change and mature a young Christian

2.    Watching God shape and mold a student and at the same time seeing God shape and mold me

3.    Seeing our student change and walk in God’s anointing

4.    Being exposed to the blessings and the challenges of someone being changed by the Lord

5.    Being able to encourage and support our student

6.    Sharing life with the younger generation

7.    Having our student over to spend time with our family, especially our children

8.    Seeing the Lord use our student to speak into my life.

9.    Knowing we are helping someone fulfill his or her destiny in the Lord.

What has been the greatest challenge of being a Mentor?

1.    Having patience

2.    Trying not to interfere with what is going on, yet being supportive and encouraging

3.    Confrontation with the students is the hardest challenge

4.    To openly communicate and get our student to open up to us

5.    To not butt in and try to protect our student from God working in him

6.    Finding time for relating and fellowship



Weekly, MSM has many layers to stay engaged in. Our heart is for everyone involved in the program to stay on the same page, connected, and in the know about the happenings in MSM and the student’s lives. Host Homes, Mentors, and Students have access to the MSM website. This will be the best place to get upcoming events, weekly themes, current reading and curriculum, along with important information throughout the year. 

Host Homes and Mentors will also receive emails on the 1st of each month with updates and important information. MSM Staff will also connect monthly with each Host Home and Mentor to hear how everyone is doing. Although we will connect on a monthly basis, MSM Staff is always available, by phone or email, for any conflicts you’re having throughout the month.