The “why” behind the Unicorn, er, Uniform Drive…

Imagine struggling to meet your family's basic needs, such as providing them with three meals a day. Imagine living below the poverty line and being homeless. This is the reality for many who live in our community. Many in our city are getting ready to send their kids back to school next month and having to purchase school uniforms is a big, and overwhelming expense. That's why we are partnering with San Marcos Elementary in our 3rd Annual Uniform Drive to provide uniforms to 105 students with severe need.

As our family comes together to love and support these children, we believe they will encounter God's heart of provision, giving each family fresh hope to flourish in their destinies. We're excited to move in extravagant generosity as we Meet Real Needs with Real Solutions in our community!

Thank you for bringing Heaven to San Marcos through your generosity!