Thank you for showing interest in the Worship community at the Movement Church.

As a community, we are dedicated to pursuing the heart of the God in our creativity. We see ourselves as facilitators of environments to bring others into encounters with the Father as worshippers.


But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him. God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”

- John 4:23-24 -


To start the process of becoming involved in the Worship Ministry, please complete the following application.

Once your application is reviewed you will be contacted within 10 business days to inform you of your next step(s) if the criteria to serve within the Worship Ministry are met. In some cases an appointment with our Worship Pastor may be scheduled prior to an audition, which typically ranges from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

For live auditions, detailed instructions will be emailed to you at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled time slot. After the live audition, our Worship Pastor will follow up with you to schedule a one-on-one appointment to discuss your next step(s).

Keep in mind that there are many worship needs around the church. Please be as flexible as possible and willing to be used wherever the biggest need is. These are some opportunities available within the Worship Community:

Campus Life (Tuesday nights)
Kids Church
Student Ministries (Junior High and High School)
Young Adults
Women’s Ministry (Monday evening and Wednesday mornings)
Mens Ministry
Sunday morning (requires advanced skill, spiritual maturity and a greater time commitment)


  • Be a follower of Jesus.

  • Be an attender of the Movement Church.

  • Be in a LifeGroup or on designated Ministry Teams (serving teams with a high level of relationship and coaching).

  • Be submitted to the leadership and vision of the Movement Church Worship Ministry.

  • Be teachable and committed to being a student of your gift.

  • Be open to feedback for growth.

    25 confessions of a worship team

  1. We know that leadership is for service not status.

  2. We are not moved by accolades or criticism. We simply carry on following Christ and becoming

  3. His disciples more each day.

  4. We know that our mandate is to be worshippers - always, in everything, wherever we are.

  5. We are family—we laugh and cry together, walk the mountains and valleys together.

  6. We look for the best in others and push them to succeed beyond ourselves.

  7. We choose unity above personal agenda. It is not about “me” and “my”, but rather “we” and “ours”.

  8. We understand that if the team wins, we all win. Functioning together in unity is more important than the personal success of one.

  9. We are willing to help with any task big or small because we value every part that is played both seen and unseen.

  10. We honor the platform we’ve been entrusted with by living godly lives and by serving with uncomplicated, humble spirits.

  11. We build church and the Kingdom, not just our own area.

  12. We recognize that, as leaders, we must constantly improve.

  13. We prepare because we value excellence and diligence of craft in every area.

  14. We refuse to be offended by feedback. Instead, we choose to grow and change.

  15. We honor our leaders always and support the mantle upon their lives.

  16. We lead from a place of personal devotion, humble gratitude, and confident authority.

  17. We are a team that lives and breathes faithfulness, with a heart full of gratitude.

  18. We are bringers of people, ideas, skill, craft, and talent.

  19. We love and value the word and our non-negotiable is personal devotion time.

  20. We love Jesus above all else. We speak of Him often and we keep His name on our lips.

  21. We know that none of us are good enough without Him it’s His presence that marks us and sets us apart.

  22. We recognize that our creativity is a gift from the Creator, for His glory alone.

  23. We are aware of the Holy Spirit and lean into what He is doing.

  24. We trust God in everything we do.

  25. We are a team that is caught in the act of believing God always.