MSM is a spiritual development program committed to seeing people walk into the fullness of their identity as Sons and Daughters of a living God, become equipped with the supernatural power of God to live as a fully devoted disciple, and released to the platforms the Lord is calling them into.




  MSM exists to see generations of fully devoted disciples of Christ; free, surrendered and empowered as children of God who understand, receive and release God's love through the power of The Holy Spirit.




MSM emphasizes the Presence of God and a 3-part learning structure where students will Know and Understand, Receive and Become, to then Move and Release what they've learned. 



Through Biblical Studies courses at the Movement Degree Program and daily instruction from pastors and leaders within our church family and community, students will be directed to the Word to learn and understand their kingdom identity, God’s character and nature, principles of discipleship and leadership, and practical ways of ministering.


Through extended times of worship, devotionals, and individual discipleship, students spend hours immersed and focused on the pursuit of the transformative presence of God. Students learn to allow revelation and knowledge to soak into their hearts to ignite transformation to all areas of life.


Through service, church internship, outreach, and international missions, students learn to take the overflow of transformation and the power of Holy Spirit to become the hands and feet of Jesus. During the processes students learn job skills, develop individual gifts and talents, and grow in confidence to minister in a variety of environments.